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Reddit warns about removing moderators from subreddits amid apollo-related blackouts


Reddit has issued a warning against moderators of subreddits about eliminating them as blackouts continue.
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Replacing resistant moderation teams

As reported by MacRumors, Reddit made the statement, saying this will also keep spaces "open and accessible to users."

In a post, Reddit cited its Moderator Code of Conduct which states the provision about moderator guidelines for healthy communities. It also said that it has the duty to keep communities "relied upon by thousands or even millions of users" operational.

If a moderator team unanimously decides to stop moderating, we will invite new, active moderators to keep these spaces open and accessible to users. If there is no consensus, but at least one mod wants to keep the community going, we will respect their decisions and remove those who no longer want to moderate from the mod team. Reddit said.

Early this week, big-time subreddits participated in a blackout and went private or stopped allowing new posts.

This was part of their protest against the planned API changes that will shut down popular third-party Reddit apps like Apollo.

The move also wants to push Reddit to implement fairer pricing for developers and to give them more time to incorporate the API changes.

However, Reddit did not make any adjustments.

This led some users to continue the blackout, making millions of Reddit users unable to access those communities.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said on Monday the blackouts did not cause a significant impact on the company’s revenue so far. These also made no changes to Reddit's API pricing plan, he noted.

He told The Verge that Reddit’s API was "never designed to support third-party apps" and that the apps don't add much value to the site. Reddit created its API for "tools, bots, and enhancements to Reddit," he said.

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