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CHERRY introduces Wellness Smart Neck Wrap: gives proper care for neck pains, priced at PHP 2,175

CHERRY introduces its Wellness Smart Neck Wrap to ease up your neck pains.
Cherry introduces Wellness Smart Neck Wrap: gives proper care for neck pains!
The neck wrap

CHERRY Intros Wellness Smart Neck Wrap

The brand made this device for those who went to extreme workouts or experienced a long tiring day. It is designed to ensure a relaxing feel with its three warming options of either Low, Mid or High.
The design
The design

CHERRY says it can be controlled or monitored using the Cherry Home App which is available on Android and iOS.
Foldable and flexible!
Foldable and flexible!

The feature extends to the capability of stimulating blood circulation, relieving migraines, or even easing cervical pain and stiffness. While the heat it produces can relieve fatigue or pain that the user's body feels after long sessions of training or simply work.

CHERRY also continued that has a flexible and lightweight design to ensure that it can alleviate body pains. There's also an adjustable magnetic strap so it won't fall off easily and a washable detachable layer so for easier cleaning.

Lastly, Cherry says that it has anti-sleeping protection and that it draws power rated at 3.5W.

Price and availability

CHERRY Wellness Smart Neck Wrap - PHP 2,175 

For interested buyers, you may now avail of it at the Cherry Shop website.

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