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GCash secures SEC approval for launch of online stock trading services


The online stock trading services of GCash have received a green light from the Securities and Commission.
File photo: GCash app

GCash to publicly launch online trading services

Citing GCash's statement, the e-wallet's GStocks PH will allow users to start investing in over 280 local companies using their wallets.

GCash said this feature will also allow users to buy and sell local shares in real-time, monitor pending trades, portfolio performance and returns through a dashboard, access a stock watch list, direct research reports, real-time quotes, live stock charts, and access analytics, news, and disclosures

GStocks PH was made through a partnership with AB Capital Securities Inc.

GCash will continue to partner with like-minded organizations like AB Capital so that we can empower Filipinos from all walks of life and give them the opportunity to grow their wealth, GCash chief executive and officer and president Martha Sazon said.

The SEC supports new innovations in financial technology and how this can enable more Filipinos to have access to legitimate investment opportunities, SEC commissioner Kelvin Lester Lee said.

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