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Globe logs nearly 54 million SIM registrations

Globe said almost 54 million of its subscribers successfully registered their SIM.
Image of a Globe SIM card
File photo: Globe 4G LTE/5G SIM

Registrations during the grace period

Citing data from the National Telecommunications Commission, the telco said a total of 53,727,798 Globe SIMs were registered as of 11:59 PM. on July 30, which was the end of the 5-day grace period following seven months of registration.

Globe noted that this number was over 1.2 million higher than the nearest competition.

After seven months of our nationwide registration which brought us to the remote parts of the country, Globe was able to reach the most number of customers successfully. With close to 54 million subscribers registered, we retained our position as the country’s Mobile leader, said Darius Delgado, Head of Globe's Consumer Mobile Business.

The company said there was a last-minute surge in SIM registrations after the deadline lapsed on July 25 and the grace period for reactivation started on July 26. During this period, Globe noted it recorded nearly 4 million more registered and reactivated SIMs.

A poll revealed that last-minute registrants said they were afraid to be victimized by identity theft while the others said they had no time to register immediately.

During the registration period, Globe rolled out several modes to help its customers comply, like its online portal https://new.globe.com.ph/simreg, the use of the GlobeOne app, GCash, and the bulk registration portal for enterprise customers.

It also deployed 1,572 SIM Registration Assistance Desks to help the elderly, PWDs, and those without internet access or who are using basic or feature phones. Globe Stores and EasyHubs nationwide were also open for walk-in customers.

As stated in the law, unregistered SIMs after the end of the listing period will be permanently deactivated.

Globe said that those who missed the deadline may buy new SIMs and register for activation.

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