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Lexar introduces 512GB NM Card for HUAWEI smartphones!

Lexar has introduced the world's first 512GB NM memory card made for HUAWEI mobile devices, particularly the Mate 60 Series.
Lexar introduces 512GB NM Card for HUAWEI smartphones!
Lexar's HUAWEI-compatible NM card

Lexar introduces a 512GB NM Card for HUAWEI devices!

The said NM card is also suitable for other Mate, P, Nova, and Enjoy Series, tablets, and other products.

Anyway, this is a new standard storage format exclusively engineered by HUAWEI. It has an area of 34 percent smaller than the traditional general memory card you see around the market. Think of it as an equivalent of the Nano SIM card. It can also share the SIM Slot and has plug and play feature as well.
Another view of the Lexar NM card
Another view of the Lexar NM card

The development of an ultra-miniature memory card's massive capacity must overcome numerous technical obstacles and barriers, including storage density, manufacturing difficulty, durability, and cost. Increasing the unit storage density in a constrained container involves the application of more complex manufacturing techniques and more accurate controllers, which considerably increases the production difficulties and cost.

The firm explained that if it is done too thick, it will not be properly inserted into devices like mobile phones. If it is made too thin, then the NM card can easily break from external forces.

Despite its small size, the Lexar research and development unit was able to boost storage density with the help of high-quality storage particles and modern flash memory technology, resulting in the world's first 512GB NM Card memory card.

Moving forward, the card supports eMMC 5.1 protocol and has stable and mature performance while having a read speed of up to 90MB/s and a writing speed of up to 85MB/s.

With those speeds, the NM Card is capable of high-speed continuous recording and smartphone shooting needs of FHD quality or even 4K video.

Apart from the 512GB variant, the said NM Card will also be available on 128GB and 256GB. However, the prices are yet to be announced by Lexar. We will update you once there is or if it will come to the Philippines.

Source: HC Newsroom

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