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Smart launches new "powerful" postpaid plan: SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999

PLDT's wireless unit Smart Communications has introduced a new "one-of-a-kind postpaid plan" for its customers. 
Smart launches ‘powerful’ postpaid plan
SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999

New Smart postpaid plan

With the company's SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999, subscribers can enjoy Unli 5G, Unli All-Net Calls, Unli All-Net Landline Calls, Unli All-Net Texts, and 20GB open access data.

The plan also comes with a complimentary Netflix Mobile Plan subscription. 

Users can enjoy all of these for as low as PHP 999, Smart said in a statement. 

Availing of this service is also seamless as customers can conveniently get their Smart Postpaid on eSIM anytime, anywhere.

You can unleash the power of Smart 5G, which lets you upload and download heavy work files in seconds, work from anywhere, enjoy crystal-clear video calls with loved ones and friends, share content on social media in an instant, stream Netflix shows and movies, enjoy lag-free gaming and more, Smart said.

Since last year, Smart has been enjoying the status of the fastest and best mobile network in the Philippine market. 

To learn more about the Signature Plans+, visit this page

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