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BlueOS: vivo's self developed Operating System for wearables!

vivo is following in the footsteps of Xiaomi and HUAWEI and has started developing its own operating system at least for wearables.
BlueOS: vivo's self developed Operating System for wearables!
The software's logo

vivo announces its self-developed Operating System called the BlueOS!

The said BlueOS is made of Rust Language, an industry first. This is compatible with several Posix standard kernels, Linux kernels, and RTOS kernels. The said software also features an AI service engine to make it suitable for different large AI models. 

These features also support capabilities like code generation, image and text generation, and more AI-based capabilities.

Apart from those, the new OS intends to give a smooth user experience while preserving user privacy and security.

According to vivo, the Rust language utilized for its system framework will be less vulnerable to security risks.
The performance
The performance

The OS is reportedly to improve rendering efficiency by 48 percent and consumes 67 percent less RAM. BlueOS can support a wide range of devices particularly those with 200MHz CPU + 32MB RAM up to 4GHz CPU with 24MB RAM.

Furthermore opening the app, app switching, motion rendering, sliding list and loading times will also have improvements. BlueOS also has the capability of changing the watch's faces via voice commands making the interaction between the watch and the user much seamless.
The BlueXLink
The BlueXLink

vivo also says it has support for BlueXLink for multi-device connectivity to make it easier to transfer data between different devices. Additionally, it supports features like transportation cards, access cards, and even NFC car keys.

Finally, fans may expect the BlueOS to debut on the upcoming vivo Watch 3 which is slated to launch on November 13 in China.

What do you guys think?

Source: GizmoChina

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