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Take a look back at what you did on GCash last 2023 with "Flashback"


Take a look at your GCash transactions this 2023 using this new feature.
Courtesy: GCash

How to check your GCash Flashback?

The year is almost over which means it is also time to look back on how we spent 2023. This is also the time when some platforms release a summary of how a user used its services, just like Spotify Wrapped and YouTube Recap.

Well, another platform is here to give you a 2023 review.

GCash added a new feature called GCash Flashback. It functions just like any other yearend review. Here’s how to get yours:

1. After opening the app, go to profile.
2. Tap GCash Flashback located just beside the View Benefits tab.
3. Tap Let's go to view your GCash transactions in the past year.

GCash Flashback tells you your top activities on the app, how much you have spent and received, and other transactions you did using the e-wallet. This will also show how many energy points you collected for GForest if you use this feature.

In the end, GCash recommends what you can do to grow your finances or how you can further utilize the app.

If you cannot see this feature on your app, try updating it.

Have you checked yours already? How much did you spend on your budols using GCash?

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