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What’s in Spotify Wrapped 2023?

The annual Spotify Wrapped was recently released. What's on your list?
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Spotify Wrapped added new features

Aside from the usual top songs and top artists, Spotify Wrapped has new features this year that will further help describe what kind of listener you are. These are:

Me in 2023 demonstrates a streaming habit that defined your music listening this year. When you flip your card, it reveals a listening character specific to your tastes and habits on Spotify.

Sound Town matches you to a city based on your listening and artist affinity.

Top 5 Genres shows you how your top five music genres stack up and are presented in a fun sandwich-inspired design.

Top 5 Artists lets you see the month your listening peaked for each artist this year, painting a fuller picture of your year on Spotify and the artists that helped soundtrack it.

Your Artist Messages means you’ll get to hear from one of your top artists within your personalized Wrapped.

Artists, songwriters, and podcasters will also receive their own personalized Artist and Creator Wrapped experiences to uncover and celebrate how their fans listened.

Also, new this year is being able to access your Spotify Wrapped through any browser via Spotify.com/Wrapped.

Spotify also added the Wrapped feed on the Spotify Home screen on mobile, creating a one-stop spot for all things Wrapped.
Photo from Spotify
Photo from Spotify

You can also use DJ X to guide you through your personalized Wrapped. This will be available for the first week after Wrapped launches.

Also, new this year is allowing friends to create a Blend and tap the "2023 Wrapped Top Songs" filter to combine all of your top songs from this year into one shared playlist.

To access your Spotify Wrapped via the app, just tap Home then go to the "Wrapped" tab.

Spotify will also bring the Wrapped experience to the Philippines, IRL, with the opening of the Spotify Sari-Sari Store. In exchange for your Wrapped results, you can take home exclusive merch. You can also get the chance to hear from your favorite podcasters in real life. The event will be free for all Spotify users and will be at the SM MOA Main Atrium from December 8-10.

Share with us what’s your Spotify Wrapped like!

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