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Angcars? Yes, you read it right Angkas to take on Grab's ride-hailing services!

Angkas, a popular motorcycle taxi service announced that it will challenge Grab in car services.
Angcars? Yes, you read it right Angkas to take on Grab's ride-hailing services!
Photo from Angkas

Angcars to challenge GrabCar!

The company stated that they are thinking that Angcars could be a proper substitute to other 4-wheel ride-hailing services like Grab and JoyRide SuperTaxi offers.

The said "Angcars" is the firm pun take on their upcoming ride-hailing service as CEO George Royeca discusses it during their "2024 and Beyond townhall event" while also saying that we can expect it in late 2024.

Currently, details are still unclear however Royeca also noted that there will be two versions of the service. The first one will be called Angcars Economy for standard ride-hailing service and Angcars Plus for customers who prefer a 4 or 6-seater on their trips.
Angkas Health
Angkas Health

Aside from the amusing Angcars naming, the motorcycle taxi service added that they are diversifying their offerings such as adding health care services, which offer in-home medical services like blood tests, and Padala, which meets the courier needs of Filipino business owners.

Furthermore, Angkas is also developing its AngKash service which intends to bring inexpensive loans to its riders so they can experience a faster and easier time in acquiring or upgrading their motorcycle units.

So far, these are all the Angkas 2024 plans which look promising particularly the car TNVS segment as this should tighten the competition. To recall, many customers have experienced higher booking fares since the exit of Uber in the country.

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Source: Inquirer

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