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PLDT urges public to be vigilant vs cable theft

The country's dominant telco player PLDT is calling on the public to report to authorities individuals involved in stealing cable wires.
File photo: PLDT logo

PLDT wants a heightened crackdown on cable theft

PLDT made this call in a statement on Tuesday, as it seeks to curb cable theft and further improve internet connectivity nationwide.

According to Atty. Oliver Carlos Odulio, head of PLDT’s Asset Protection and Security Risk Governance (APSRG), the group is working closely with local government units and law enforcement agencies.

We urge our subscribers to remain vigilant and help report to local authorities in their area's illegal activities such as cable theft, cable breakage, and other related incidents. Together, we can keep our communities connected and safe, Odulio said.

When reporting theft, cable breakage, or other incidents, customers are requested to provide the following information: a brief description of the incident, date and time of discovery, and exact location (barangay, town/city, province), and their name and contact details (mobile or landline number, email address). A landmark or photo indicating the place of the incident will also be helpful. Other relevant information may be asked when necessary in the course of the investigation.

PLDT operates the country's most extensive fiber infrastructure, which spanned over 1.1 million kilometers as of the end of September 2023. This fiber infrastructure also supports Smart's mobile network.

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