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Brother Industries Ltd. Inks Cooperation With Philippine Government!

Brother Industries Ltd., a Japanese owned manufacturing firm recently signed an agreement with the Philippine government in Manila. That agreement promises to cooperate with the latter in growing business and contribute positively in the economic growth of the Philippines.
Brother Industries Ltd. Inks Cooperation With Philippine Government!
 In photo (L-R): Philippine Secretary of Department of Trade and Industry, Gregory L. Domingo; Director General of Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Lilia B. De Lima; President Benigno Aquino III; Brother Industries President, Terry Koike; and Secretary to the Cabinet Office, Jose Rene Almendras.

Mr. Terry Koike, the President of Brother Philippines penned the agreement during the recent state visit of the Honorable President Benigno Aquino III together with the key members of his Cabinet in Japan, where Koike was part of the excutives from Japanese manufacturing firms who welcomed the Philippine delegation.

“It is important for Brother to strengthen trust relationships with the Philippine government, which provides necessary support for businesses like ours to thrive. In the same way, it is also vital for the government to generate significant jobs and revenues from industries.” - Koike

During the meeting, Koike requested the PH delegates represented by Philippine Economic Zone Authority Director General Lilia B de Lima, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory L. Domingo, and Secretary to the Cabinet Jose Rene Almendras, to further improve Philippine infrastructure an d human resources skills training.

To be more specific, it was emphasized that the Philippine government should build more key infrastructures like roads and ports, and to strengthen the foundation for developing engineers to specialize in mold design and automation as those are the skills needed by the industry. The great thing there was the answer of President Aquino as he assured Koike that we there's a budget allocated for improving infrastructures and they have increased their budget in that area significantly. There's also a second highway between Manila and Batangas that will be built to improve access to ports.

Pres. Aquino’s team had, in turn, assured Koike that budget allocation for improving infrastructure has been significantly increased, and that a second highway between Manila and Batangas will be built to improve access to ports.

Aquino, who was the guest of honor last August 2013 at the opening ceremony for Brother Industries’ new manufacturing plant in Batangas, also praised the company for its growth.
After two years since it started operations in the country, the number of Brother Industries Philippines manpower complement has grown markedly during FY2015.

“I have been calling on all of our employees to contribute towards the company’s growth, hoping that our sales and production in the Philippines will increase steadily and that Brother can truly contribute to the Philippine society.” - Koike

Cooperation pact. A ‘cooperation’ pact was signed between Brother Industries Ltd and the Philippine government, whereby the company agreed to cooperate with the latter in growing its business, while positively contributing to the country’s economic growth.

We are looking forward to this cooperation for the betterment of the Philippines and further growth of Brother.
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