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Check Point Officially Launches A Prevention For Threats To Secure Mobile Enterprise!

In an event held yesterday Thursday, September 10, 2015, Check Point, the largest pure play security vendor in the world announced Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention. The Check Point Mobile Treat Prevention is their company's answer to the battle the growing mobile threat environment in the world today.
The energetic Mr. Steve McWhirter explaining the importance of being prepared to threats

Prevention is still better than cure

That's what the guys at checkpoint are trying to point out with their release of that app. In case you don't know there has been a drastic growth in mobile security threats that can harm anybody anytime. There are malwares that might steal information and etc that can cause some major losses. Check Point is there to ensure that they're one step ahead of the enemies by providing the unparalled layer of security and protection for mobile devices. Not only in the enterprise area but in all aspects.
How it works

Nobody is safe

Either you are an Android or iOS user you are not safe. That's the main reason why the Mobile Threat prevention is available on both platforms. According to Check Point’s 2015 Security Report, in an organization with more than 2,000 devices on its network, there is a 50 percent chance that there will be at least 6 infected or targeted mobile devices on their network. Check Point can stop mobile threats on your devices and deliver real time threat intelligence and visibility for extension into existing security and mobility infrastructures. With Check Point you won't go out there in un-prepared.

Here's some of the key features of Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention

Comprehensive Advanced Mobile Threat Protection including malicious application detection, network threat detection, and OS threat detection. Dynamic threat response prevents compromised devices from accessing your organization’s network and allows organizations to set adaptive policy controls base on unique thresholds for mitigation and elimination of threats on the device.

Full Mobile Threat Visibility and Intelligence allows security and mobility teams to understand the quantity and types of mobile threats that could impact their business. Real-time threat intelligence is pushed to Check Point SmartEvent and Check Point ThreatCloud, as well as other Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or Incident response systems for broader intelligence and monitoring of security events and for correlation with attacks on internal networks.

Cloud-based Dashboard makes managing supported devices and controlling mobile threats fast and easy.

Seamless Deployment and Adoption Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention integrates with an organization’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to make delivering advanced security for mobile devices effortless. Users continue to enjoy their devices as they always have with a transparent user experience that maintains privacy and device performance. When a threat is found, users can quickly and easily remove the threat to stay protected and productive.

Highly Scalable and delivers strong operational and deployment efficiencies for managing mobile security within a broader security infrastructure.

"Mobile devices are entering the enterprise at a faster rate than ever before, yet most organizations have failed to protect them or their users," said Dorit Dor, vice president, products, Check Point Software Technologies. "Providing protection and preventing data leakage in a way that BYOD users easily accept is critical for success. With Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, we’re not only providing enterprises with the most complete mobile security solution for stopping mobile threats on iOS and Android, but also delivering real-time threat intelligence to better understand their overall security posture" 

“We are experiencing very high adoption rates for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets from individuals to enterprises, especially in the BYOD (bring your own device) paradigm that is increasingly popular throughout Asia Pacific,” says Steve McWhirter, vice president, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Check Point Software Technologies. “We believe the Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention will become an important part of the total security arsenal for our clients throughout this region, as mobile devices become the preferred platform of choice for a highly mobile workforce.”

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention provides the best mobile security your enterprise will ever need. It can mitigate and manage the risk of BYOD to protect the assests of your company from the harmful mobile cyber threats. Check Point also boast the highest industry catch rate and it's the only solution that detects threats on the device, application and in-network levels and provides a transparent user experience and allows for immediate detection and removal of mobile threats, allowing users to stay securely connected without compromise.


Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention is available immediately through our worldwide partners: http://partners.us.checkpoint.com/partnerlocator/.

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