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Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!

Let me get my facts straight, most of time I'm not impressed with the budget Bluetooth speakers of Genius before. Yes, they sound decent and they're affordable, but that's it, there's nothing spectacular in it and I find that "wow factor" lacking. But of course, I won't always judge a product until I get a chance to try it.
Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
Genius SP920BT Bluetooth speaker review

Recently, I got their new Genius SP920BT speaker that appears to be an interesting one, finally. It packs a very portable design, but it has two 30 watts speakers in it and a subwoofer with "360°" design to maximize loudness in large areas. Yes you read that one right, it's an ultra rare portable speaker with subwoofer design.

Note: The Genius SP920BT looks very much it's slightly pricer and more powerful brother called SP925BT.

Genius SP920BT Specs

Drivers: Two 30 Watts speakers w/ Subwoofer
Plug type and length: 3.5 mm stereo jack
Wireless range: up to 10 m
Battery: Up to 2.5 hours of usage
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5 mm
Others: Built in microphone
Dimensions: 77.9 x 79 x 78.9 mm
Price: 1,890 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
Genius SP290BT unboxing

This speaker comes in a small simple box that indicates most of the information highlights of this product. Upon easily opening it, you get the usual paper manuals, SP920BT itself, micro USB charger and a long 3.5 to 3.5 mm jack!
Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
Accessories included in the package together with the speaker

Build Quality / Design

Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
It has 4 rubber stoppers below that prevents the speaker from slipping

The Genius SP920BT speaker features a cube like design with a good stand and space below to allow music to just go out. It's low profile looking and stylish at the same time. I liked the way it also has a near matte like texture to prevent fingerprint smudges and hairline scratches. The materials used here also feels quite durable enough to withstand several hard drops. (Of course avoid that from happening)


Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
Here's the easy to understand controls of the speaker.
Volume up, volume down, on / off, next track and back

This portable speaker with dual drivers and subwoofer from Genius is great for indoors specially when you use it to replace your weak laptop speaker. It's great for watching movies due to it's massive soundstage and good sound. What's even more surprising here is it's loud enough for presentations and outdoor use. You can also do hands free calls as it has a built in microphone.
Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
Here are the ports

What I like the most here is it has an "Aux in" port, that's the place where I can directly connect it to my laptop or phone without the need of Bluetooth connection that can save some power. It's also fairly easy to connect and pair with my Bluetooth devices. Another good thing about it is the connection doesn't get interrupted even when I'm moving from one place to another unlike other speakers without Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Battery Life

If I have one thing here that I would Genius to improve, it's the battery life. I'm the type of person who always listen to music all the time and I was only able to squeeze a little more than 3 hours of usage at 50% volume. That's at least 2 hours less battery life against other speakers that I tested this year.

Sound Quality

So far, this is the most impressive sounding mini portable Bluetooth speaker I tried from Genius. It's very clean sounding and highly detailed that can rival even the likes of Kingone K99 and Soundfreaq Double spot in that aspect. It has a balanced sound signature that's actually rare to find especially in the budget area where speakers with "boomy and bloated bass" are dominant. I like the way it's mids are so relaxingly clear, which I find fantastic especially with female vocals. It's highs has good enough extension, sparkle and doesn't have that fatiguing effect even after hours of use.
Genius SP920BT Review, Portable, Powerful And Affordable!
The speaker grills on the side

The SP920BT is also advertised as a speaker with built-in subwoofer, but that didn't give much hope in the extension of it's bass response due to the small size. And I was right, while it's bass is better than most in this price and it extends better. I still find it lacking against the bigger Kingone K99 speaker. Fortunately, that's not so much of an issue for me as I do not generally like heart thumping bass. Instead, this speaker from Genius has that tight and punchy bass with good sub-bass decay when needed.

What I love here is it doesn't get distorted even at max volume. Another great thing is that "max volume" is loud enough to fill a medium sized conference room with great music. It's good in most genres specially with alternative, acoustic and pop music.

Overall, it's extremely impressive that Genius was able to came up with something this good on a small package. While it doesn't have too much bass range found on bigger and pricier speakers, it's more than great enough for a speaker this portable.

Pros - Top notch audio quality at this price point, lightweight, portable
Cons - Battery life needs improvement, bass need more depth


Easily, the Genius SP920BT is in the top 3 portable budget Bluetooth speaker I tried this year. Priced at just 1,890 Pesos, you get near HiFi grade audio quality that sounds better than most of the sub 4K speakers of today. It's also one of the loudest I heard from a small speaker that's clean sounding. The Genius SP920BT is so impressive which made me want to test the SP925BT asap.

GIZ Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars
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