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Bluelounge Kosta, The Super Cool Apple Watch Nightstand For 795 Pesos Only!

Having difficulties in the way you charge your favorite Apple Watch? This could be a solution to that problem. Bluelounge just announced the Kosta, a simple solution to charge your Apple Watch cleanly and efficiently.
Bluelounge Kosta now in the Philippines
Bluelounge Kosta

The Bluelounge Kosta, is called that way as it is a coaster type of charger that's expandable and easy to manage which also gives your Apple Watch a convenient place to charge and rest.

"We wanted to enhance the use of the existing charging cable in a super easy, clean and affordable way," said Dominic Symos, Creative Director and Founder of Bluelounge. "Kosta was designed so you can simple set your Apple Watch down, connect and start recharging in seconds."

There's a magnet at the center  that ensures that the watch is neatly contained all the time that also prevents slipping behind nightstands and desk. Its also made out silicon-rubber material that prevents scratching and also prevent from slipping on flat surfaces.
Bluelounge Kosta while sleeping
You can use the alarm of Bluelounge Kosta even while sleeping

How to use the Kosta?

All you need to do is feed the cable from the Apple Watch charger in the opening, then secure the charging end on the magnetic center and plug the USB into the AC adapter or USB port. Lastly, just place your Apple Watch on the side of the Kosta, connect it to the charger and enjoy.
how to use Bluelounge Kosta?
Using the nightstand

It recharges your Apple Watch by putting it in Nightstand Mode unlike most stands. You also get to maintain the alarm clock and snooze function where-in your watch continues to work even when you're not wearing it. That makes the Bluelounge Kosta a great accessory that you can use in bed, office and wherever your prefer.
Bluelounge Kosta charging mode on
Just plug it with your Apple Watch

Bluelounge Kosta comes in Dark Grey, Light Greyor and Lime Green fpr the surprisingly low retail price of just 795 Pesos. (Apple Watch charger not included)

To know more about Bluelounge products, check out Digits Trading Corporation (Beyond the Box, Digital Walker) at www.facebook.com/digitstrading and follow them on Instagram @DigitsTradingPH.
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