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Confirmed! Cherry Mobile Got The Controlling Stake At Jiayu! Can Now Manufacture Own Devices!

Expect the unexpected! According to a recent report by Unbox.ph, Cherry Mobile bought the controlling stake in Jiayu, a well known ODM and smartphone maker in China.
Cherry Mobile Buys Jiayu
Cherry Mobile Flare X

In a revelation made by their Product Manager, Mr. Lonson Alejandrino, the purchase was made in the middle of last 2015, but was kept as a secret to the public for unknown reasons until now. That makes Cherry Mobile the local brand that we know so far that has the capability to manufacture their own devices from smartphones, tablets and etc.

What are possible effects of this?

1. Even lower prices? - Having your own manufacturing is a major advantage, that means you don't have to go through different deals anymore in order to produce your devices. The only major cost that they'll now take a look into are the labor, materials, logistics and taxes. Having said that, there's a good chance that the already super affordable pricing of Cherry Mobile be even better.

2. Improved quality - From aesthetics, design, software and etc. Now that Cherry controls the RND and QA game, there's a good chance that they can further improve on their devices even more. We should now expect higher quality devices from Cherry Mobile.

3. Improved service - We might experience the very best of what Cherry Mobile has to offer now from after sales support, software updates and etc.

We already felt the dramatic change since the release of Cherry Mobile Flare X. I'm sure that is just the start of something more exciting from Cherry created devices.

What do you think guys?

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