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FiiO K1 Now Available In The Philippines! Plug And Play Thumb Sized DAC For 2495 Pesos Only!

If you ever wanted to upgrade the audio output of your favorite laptop, but don't want large DAC / AMP combos and don't have the budget to purchase those expensive small piece of technology, I have some good news for you. FiiO K1, the new affordable thumb sized DAC is now readily available in the Philippines.
FiiO K1 Philippines
FiiO K1 Philippines

The FiiO K1 as I said earlier is an ultra compact plug and play DAC that looks stylish as well. It's meant to give you that outstanding sound as it boast the Savitech's SA9023A USB USB receiver that decodes USB audio paired with the low noise and HiFi grade PCM5102 DAC chip and TPA51332A headphone driver to give you that outstanding and hassle-free music experience.
FiiO K1 specs
FiiO K1 specs

Given those impressive specs, this device is expected to drive almost every modern IEM / headphones even some picky ones that doesn't have super high impedance.

Most of the time, the components FiiO utilized with the K1 is often more expensive with other brands, but they managed give this promising DAC a low SRP of just 2,499 Pesos. That probably makes it the most affordable thumb sized DAC that's readily available in the land today.

It comes with 1 year warranty and can be purchased at Techshop 28 Gadgets, Egghead Audiohub and The Listening Room Philippines.

Pretty good deal right?

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