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Honda Boast The Groundbreaking 6-Speed Sports Engine With The New RS150!

Last November of 2015, Honda Philippines launched the RS150 series, a line of motorcycles with breakthrough innovations to suites the needs of Filipino commuters with that excellent offering. 
Honda RS150 engine
Honda RS150 engine

The new generation RS150 sports motorcycle line offers great design, style, functionalities and superior groundbreaking innovations to make the most out of it in its class. More than its stylish and sport looks, its powered by the liquid-cooled, 150 CC, DOHC, six speed sports engine that can surely get the job done.

As we said previously, it was a groundbreaking engine that came out of the Moto GP DNA, that officially makes it a world class racing engine suited for sports motorcycle. It also goes with class leading advance technology to give you additional advantages over the competition.

The main features of the all new Honda RS150

The RS150 also features an intelligent and accurate programmable fuel (PGM-FI) which is capable of supplying the optimum fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber for efficient engine power while ensuring low emission.

In fact the motorcycle was able to pass and comply with the stringent Euro 3 standards that means its very negligible emission or effect to air pollution. That's something that everyone would love, even if you're not an environmentalist.

The sports motorcycle also has other features to complement its excellent engine performance including an O2 sensor, a catalytic converter, and a bank angle sensor.

The engine of the RS150 is also liquid-cooled with auto fan. It features an advanced radiator with electronic fan that automatically turns at a temperature of 103 degrees Celsius to prevent any form of overheating and maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature throughout the powertrain.

The RS150 is also the first motorcycle model under the Honda sports category and given its positive and warm reception from its initial owners and prospective buyers alike, it is certainly not going to be the last.

It is likely that the next exciting sports motorcycle models from Honda will be utilizing the same engine now being used on the RS150 while continuously building on the technology that the world’s No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer has been known to do.

In terms of other innovative technological features, the RS150 sports a futuristic digital meter panel to keep the driver informed of vital operational indicators. It also has sharp and sporty LED headlight to ensure brighter illumination especially at night. For security purpose and protection against theft, the RS150 also features an auto secure key shutter.

As far as its sporty, stylish, and functional design goes, the RS150 has a clip-on handle bar to support sporty driving style, stylish tail light, sporty cast wheel with tubeless tire, sporty pillion step, and sporty under cowl.

For added safety and protection of the driver, the RS150 features a twin perimeter frame to support engine performance and maneuverability even while driving at great speeds, a front and rear disc brake, and a rear monoshock for optimum shock absorption.

Having said all those traits of the new Honda RS150 Line, it appears that they're really the sports motorcycle that you should choose.

What do you think guys?

To learn more about the superb Honda RS150 visit www.hondaph.com and www.facebook.com/hondaph or contact the local dealer nearest you for pricing and availability.
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