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PLDT HOME DSL Intros Speedster Fam Plan 1299 With Up To 10 Mbps Of Speed!

Great news everybody! PLDT just introduced the country's first broadband plan that cuts acroess home and mobile broadband subscriptions by launching the new PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299 with up to 10 Mbps of speed!
Speedster Fam Plan 1299
Speedster Fam Plan 1299

It offers up to 10 mbps speed that's at least 5 times faster than the older plans that goes with up to 50 GB of shareable data! That enables you to enjoy faster internet with you family and friends even beyond you home.

Here's the official statement of PLDT on how the Speedster Fam Plan 1299 works?

“To enjoy the Speedster Fam Plan’s data sharing feature, subscribers can get a Smart mobile line that comes with a free smart phone for an additional P299 per month or with a free iPhone for P799 per month,” said PLDT VP and HOME Marketing Director Gary Dujali. “Subscribers can share 6 GB of the 50 GB monthly data allocation to up to four mobile phone lines, which they can use even outside the home. Bundled with the Speedster Fam Plan, these are all conveniently billed under one subscription."
“Internet today is not just about high-speed connectivity,” Dujali added. “More importantly, it’s about sharing and nurturing the connections that matter most in this digitally-driven world. This data sharing offer from PLDT HOME DSL, in partnership with Smart, is only the beginning of more game-changing innovations that we’ll be unveiling this year.”

Sample uses of Speedster Fam Plan 1299

You can also now share data to your kids outdoors so then can get an Uber ride, check them out via video calling, chat with your love ones, surf the net and social media stuff. That's aside from the wide variety of multimedia entertainment options from iflix, Fox and Netflix that you can choose from.

The Speedster Fam Plan 1299 also allows subscribers to access and enjoy exclusive offers from PLDT HOME and Smart’s other digital lifestyle partners such as Zalora, foodpanda and Airbnb, whether at home or on mobile.

With this plan, we can now enjoy faster than normal internet speed on a more affordable and practical way. Sweet deal isn't it?

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