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Huawei And Leica Long Term Partnership Forged! Expect A Boosted Mobile Photography Experience Soon!

Arguably the biggest news in the future of smartphone Photography this year. Huawei, a major force to be reckoned in the mobile industry just forged a long term partnership with Leica, one of the best luxury custom camera makers in the world.
Huawei Leica Partnership
Huawei Leica Partnership

Huawei, as we all know is one of the best brands when it comes to mobile photography. As a matter of fact, they have created the best Nexus camera ever for now in the form of the Nexus 6P. Actually, even in the midrange department, they created handsets that can beat some high-end phones, just ask Huawei G8 and Honor 6 Plus.

What does that mean?

Huawei isn't contented with being just "good", this partnership with one of the best brands in the photography industry means that they wanted to be "excellent" and push the boundaries of mobile photography further.

What to expect?

Most of the details in this partnership wasn't revealed yet, but I'm expecting Huawei to have Leica powered lenses just like what they did with the 1 inch sensor of the Panasonic CM1. I'm also expecting that Leica will share a lot of their photography expertise with Huawei to further enhance their optimization and technology implementation.

A co-branding is also possible, something like the Huawei Leica Camera Phone makes sense. Huawei and Leica could also develop a new type of technology that can crush the rest of the competition. This will definitely benefit the reputation and sales of both brands as they're known to be great in what they do.

There's one catch here. Leica is a luxury brand which could make Huawei phones expensive. However, knowing the philosophy of Huawei and their "Make it Possible" motto, there's a great chance that we'll see reasonably priced Huawei Leica phones.

Overall, it's really exciting to see what can this two meticulous company do when they get their act together. I'm expecting for the BEST, the future of Mobile Photography is bright!

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What do you think guys?

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