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Oppo Sold 50 Million Units Last 2015! Now The 8th Largest In The World!

A very successful year! That's what Oppo silently did in the smartphone industry last 2015 as they sold 50 million units globally, a 67% in total growth. Their success lead Oppo to breaking into the top 10 smartphone brands globally, ranking 8th in global market share, according to a recent report by TrendForce.
Team Oppo Philippines
Team Oppo Philippines

Oppo made that quantum leap last year due to their successful "simple, focused" strategy, that prioritized product quality and overall user experience before anything else. They also made the right innovations with signature features such as the VOOC fast charging solution, and feature packed camera software that customers loved around the world.

Their banner year was highlighted by the R7 series, Mirro 5 and Neo 7. The R7 series dominated the midrange and upper midrange segmets where they were able to target correctly by giving products with midrange price but near high end capabilities.

As a result, Oppo was also one of the strongest in terms of offline sales with 27.9 percent of the Chinese market share in the 14,500 - 22,000 segment last year. According to SINO MR, Oppo is also the most popular choice in its price range in the offline market.

Their mastery in traditional retail was fueled with the slogan "Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours," their VOOC fast charging technology, has become the talk of the town in China.

Oppo also had a number of strategic brand partnership including the on going three year year deal with FC Barcelona to make their global brand awareness stronger. Oppo was aslo able to expand in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Sri Lanka.

This 2016, they'll continue their momentum with a goal of 60% growth in non-Chinese market. With their upcoming release of the I think impressive and better priced Oppo F1 this February 17, I think Oppo has a great chance to be stronger in the Philippine market as well.

We'll definitely keep an eye with Oppo, as they're poised to be the next smartphone powerful globally. Congrats Oppo!
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