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Love Your Cars, Express It With Shell V-Power Nitro+ (Press Release)

This month of love, let's love one another, our friends, families and etc., but we should not forget about our cars as well. They're our daily companion in our travels, in going to a meeting to another, fetching our loved ones and etc. That's why our cars deserve a much needed engine care.
Shell V-Power Nitro+
#LoveMyCar Date Night event

This February, Pilipinas Shell urges motorist to go all out in showing their love for their most trusted companion, just fill your tank out with Shell's premium performance fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+. With the use of a fuel designed to fight gunk and corrosion, we can expect our cars to run smoothly most of the time that eliminates some hassles and stress.

To further promote that campaign, Pilipinas Shell did a week long celebration for their customers that started last Feb 8 and ended last Feb 14 of 2016. They had the KiddCar Cam Challenge where car owners are encourage to show their love for their cars by kissing and hugging it and win special prizes, such as a trip for two to Paris, France and etc.
Us trying to doodle our photo
Us trying to doodle our photo

They also hosted the #LoveMyCar date night which we attended that gave us a romatic experience filled with music, original "Spoken Words" poetry and the use of an interactive photobooth to ensure that the memories will stay forever.
Imago played awesome music as well
Imago played awesome music as well

“For us at Shell, vehicles are not just machines that bring us to our destinations, but rather they are important companions that give every motorist an exciting and memorable experience on the road. This is why we continue to share the passion of motorists in taking care of their vehicles,” said Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President for Retail at Pilipinas Shell.
“From regular maintenance checks, to simply keeping it in pristine condition, the vehicles that take us to exceptional destinations and give us exciting experiences on the road deserve it all. As we enjoy our road trips, we encourage motorists to continue to express their love for their cars by filling up with Shell’s premium performance fuels that are designed to protect engines from gunk and corrosion, Shell V-Power Nitro+.” 

A vehicle with no problems, won't give you headaches as well. That's one of the main reasons why loving our cars is a must for every motorist out there. The Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel can help in many ways.

For more info about Pilipinas Shell: Click Here!
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