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FiiO EM3 Announced! The Next Great Budget Earbuds? Priced Under 1K Pesos!

Not everyone likes in ear monitors as much as I do because some may not be used to it or find it annoying in the ears. However and unfortunately, there are very few great sounding earbuds in the market today that's reasonably priced. Then there goes this good news! FiiO just announced the EM3, an all new earbuds with great internal design and large properly tuned drivers / speakers at a low asking price!
FiiO EM3, a game changer?
FiiO EM3, a game changer?

The Fiio EM3 open earbuds features a sophisticated 8 part driver design, larger than usual 14.8 mm high quality drivers with fairly easy to drive 47 Ohms of impedance. It also appears that it has smartphone controls and microphone based on the design cover.

FiiO EM3 Specs

Driver Unit: 14.8 mm driver (8 part driver design)
Impedance: 47 Ohm
Weight: 13.6 g
Price: USD <20 (Around 1K Pesos)

The rest of the technical specs isn't complete yet, but the FiiO EM3 retails at around <20 USD worldwide. Let's also expect this earbuds reach the Philippine shores soon.

What do you think guys?

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