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PSBank Online Auto Loan Now Live! Get Credit Decision In 24 Hours! (Press Release)

Get your own brand new car is not a hard task anymore nowadays. Why? More and more solutions and options are created everytime. One of them is this much faster and hassle free process as PSBank just announced that their Online Auto Loan Application service is now live.
PSBank Online Auto Loan Now Live!
PSBank Online Auto Loan

“The PSBank Online Auto Loan Application is part of our strategy to enhance our customers’ banking experience with us. We are confident that through this new service, we can help our customers own their dream cars in the most convenient way possible, while offering competitive rates and flexible financing options,” said Emmanuel A. Tuazon, PSBank Senior Vice President and Marketing and Customer Experience Group Head.

How to use it?

1. Open a web browser whether on PC or smartphone
2. Access the user friendly website of PSBank at www.psbank.com.ph
3. Click "Online Auto Loan" application on the right side of your screen
4. Answer Self Assessment questionnaire
5. Find the car of your dreams
6. Loan Calculator
7. Apply Now
8. Wait for approval process and the credit decision in 24 hours that will notify you via SMS

With this new and efficient system, it can completely hasten transaction and eliminate the consuming time of paper work. Aside from that you can access the system anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection and an internet capable device.

Initially available for individual and local PSBank Auto Loan applications, PSBank Online Auto Loan Application has four intuitive modules that conveniently take users through the loan application process.

Additional Info

The online loan application begins with the Self-Assessment Module to let applicants know if they are qualified to avail of the loan. They are then directed to the Find a Car of Your Dreams Module where applicants can choose from a list of vehicles with accompanying photos and specifications. Users can compare up to three car models along with respective prices.

With the Loan Calculator Module, the third module, applicants can easily compute the monthly amortization that can match their budget, based on the prevailing interest rate. Applicants can also request for a PSBank representative to call them should they need more information about the computed results or their loan application. After applicants have selected their dream car, they can send their application through the Apply Now Module.

It's great to know that there are services like this nowadays that makes our lives easier. #SimpleLang right?
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