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Affordable Audiophile Goodies Now Available At The Satchmi Store Megamall!

Satchmi store, the number 1 vinyl record shop in the Philippines, also announced that they now have several casual audiophile centric products to satisfy the cravings of your ears in digital form. Aside from our recently reported Opus E1 HiFi portable player, they'll now carry the likes of Focal, FiiO Amplifiers, SoundMagic, Grado and Bose.
Focal Spirit One
Focal Spirit One

And we got the price list!

Grado SR60e - 3,925 Pesos
Grado SR125e - 7,450 Pesos
Bose QuietComfort 25 (Black and White) - 25,000 Pesos
Bose Soundtrue On Ear (Black, White, Purple w/ Green) - 8,500 Pesos
Bose Soundtrue Ear (Black White, Mint, Black w/ Mint) - 8,500 Pesos
Bose Soundlink III - 19,500 Pesos
SoundMagic ES10s - 1,990 Pesos
SoundMagic E80 - 3,000 Pesos
FiiO M3 - 3,495 Pesos
FiiO X1 - 5,990 Pesos
Focal Spirit One (White, Red) - 9,500 Pesos

Actual photos

The much improved Grado SR125e and SR60e
The much improved Grado SR125e and SR60e
FiiO M3
FiiO M3, the world's finest super HiFi budget music player
Soundmagic E10s and E80
The built for smartphones Soundmagic E10s and the monitor grade E80! 

Aside from that headphones and earphones from Sennheisers, Beyerdynamic, AKG and Audio Technica are coming soon too.

Now those eargasmic devices will definitely give you that relaxing soothing sound or pump your mood up. Make sure to pay a visit to Satchmi Store in SM Megamall now!

For more info and inquiries visit Satchmi's FB page now.
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