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PSA: Catch Some Well-Deserved Rest, Today Is World Sleep Day

Sleep is for the weak, or so they say. But whatever the case, you're going to have some problems if you're not getting enough of it. So, to inform you of the dangers and health risks caused by sleep depravity, Huawei goes full on with health and fitness with its latest smart-device, the HUAWEI Band.
Huawei Band World Sleep Day!
World Sleep Day is today!

"Now a global epidemic, sleep problems constitute up to 45% of the world's population and threaten health and quality of life," said Keith Aguilera, sleep medicine physician and fellow of Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine, Inc. (PSSMI).
Huawei Band B0
Huawei Band B0

While it's true that you could feel all fired up even with just an hour of two of sleep, but our doctors highly recommend that we get at least five hours of sleep. Also, power naps shouldn't take more than 45 minutes. Our doctors say that going beyond that mark enters the second stage of sleep, so you'll be cutting on your beauty rest instead of feeling rejuvenated for a good couple of hours.
Huawei has also seen this concern, leading the company to partner up with the PSSMI to unveil its #SleepSecrets campaign as part of the World Sleep Day this year. It happens to be today, just to note. Oh, and it's also a Friday, so instead of partying all night, treat your body with a well-deserved downtime. You're going to thank yourself, trust us.
"Sleep quality rather than quantity has a greater impact on quality of life and daytime performance," Dr. Aguilera notes. It's better to go full swing with your beauty sleep, instead of stressing and overworking yourself by taking power naps in between. Sleep it off, rest, then have another go at it.
This is where the HUAWEI band actually comes in. It can intelligently monitor your sleep - how you do it and how deep you are in it, thus helping you make the needed adjustments to get some better sleeping performance. It doesn't stop there, however. The HUAWEI band is actually classy and comfy. Its simplistic design is fit for everyone, not to mention that it's very affordable at Php2,990. Pretty good for a smart-device, right?
You can check out the review here, and you should definitely read it if you're already taking interest in buying one.
Oh and yeah, the more you sleep, the longer you'll live. Just don't go overboard. Doctor's advice.
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