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The Excellent After Sales Service And Warranty Of Huawei Philippines Explained

Most of the time, warranties or after sales service of smartphones in our country were't usually not that acceptable except for some exceptional brands. One of them is Huawei, a brand who values customer experience even after sales.
Huawei's VIP after sales service

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Due to my curiosity on how that thing works, I talked with their key persons in handling warranties to explain to me what are the benefits of their warranty policy. We discovered when they told us that there are two types of Huawei warranties, the "Standard" and the "VIP" one.

Standard warranty

For the standard one, you'll get 1 year of hardware and software warranty. After buying the unit, you have 7 days where you can straight out replace your unit if it's experiencing some problems. Huawei also stated that your unit will be either repair or replaced in just 7 days.

Note: The type of service you'll get may vary depending on the case of your device after the diagnosis. Whether it's eligible for warranty or not.

VIP warranty

For VIPs, Huawei means business and will really make you feel like a VIP. You'll be in priority so there's no need to cue in lines, they have a courier service that can pick up your device, there's a 1 time FREE screen replacement once its damaged and you'll get 2 years of warranty.

You can reach them using customer service center that can do diagnosis, 2 hours fast repairs, software upgrade and FREE cleaning.

If you don't have the time to go to the nearest Huawei service center, you have the option to drop off or pickup the phone in various collection points. They also have an interactive service where you can use the HiCare app to do this type of transaction.

Note: For the VIP warranty, not every Huawei phone has this one. Only those high-end or limited edition devices such as the Mate 8, Mate S, P8 and Huawei watch has this in our country for now.

We also got a word that, Huawei will standardize this exclusive VIP service to further improve their service soon.

So far, it's really great to know that there are still companies that put a lot of effort in their after market service for their clients. Huawei is one of them and they're quite excellent in that regard that could be a role model for most.

To know more about their warranty service and further clarifications, visit their website or visit their Facebook page.
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