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Beyerdynamic DTX 710 Review - Decent Studio Experience, Budget Price!

Headphones with that highly regarded sound often cost a lot, and I really mean a lot. So acquiring something like that often requires you tons of cash in order to get the best possible listening experience.
Beyerdynamic DTX 710 review
Beyerdynamic DTX 710 review

What if you're just a student or someone who's just starting a career with a work requirement of having a good sounding can? I think that getting something with even an entry-level "Studio Grade" sound would be really helpful.

Fortunately, the world of audio keeps on evolving, but we're still surprised to see a well respected brand in the audio industry like Beyerdyanmic to came up with something of this caliber with bang per buck grade of price. They were able to came up with an "Open Back" headphones that promises to deliver the ideal sound to start journey to the audiophile world. Meet Beyerdyamic DTX 710.

Now let's all find out in this review if the above-mentioned can delivered its promise.

Beyerdynamic DTX 710 Specs

Type: Open Back
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequency Response: 16 Hz - 23,000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 97 dB
Power Handling Capacity: 100 mW
Others: 3 m single sided straight cable and gold plated 3.5 mm jack w/ 6.35 mm adapter 
Net Weight: 260 g
Price: 2,499 - 2,999 Pesos
Available at: A. Refinery Branches- UP Town Center, Ayala Center Cebu and Abreeza Davao

Unboxing / Accessories

The box
The box
As expected, this "Beyers" come with a large box. What we like here is it contained all the information we needed printed outside like its purpose and technical specifications.
The gold plated 6.3 mm adapter
The gold plated 6.3 mm adapter

Upon opening the package, you'll only the headphones with its 6.35 mm adapter attached to its 3.5 mm male jack.

While I'd clearly like to see even just a velvet pouch here, it's hard to complain for a headphone of this quality with premium branding on a very low price.

Build Quality / Design

The headband
The headband
Given this price, the DTX 710 was expected to be constructed in this "okay-ish" type of build. This headphone is made out of a combination of plastic, soft velvet parts in its ear-cushions and under the headband, rubber cables and gold plated jack / adapter.
Cushion in the lower headband
Cushion in the lower headband
Thick high quality cables
Thick high quality cables
The 3.5 mm gold plated jack
The 3.5 mm gold plated jack

I like the way that Beyerdynamic was able to add a thick and not brittle type of plastic in its body, the cables are one of the thickest yet flexible enough around and has well made strain reliefs. As a bonus this can is also the most affordable around with a good type of velvet microfiber type of ear cushions that won't worn out easily. It's rotating swivels also feels good and won't break that easily.

However, it has one major flaw. I don't have confidence in the plastic part that's used to expand the headphone to fit head sizes. It felt brittle and might break if you applied good amount of force. This would have been better if the used an aluminum material here just like what we saw from other cans. In the end, proper care is still needed in all type of devices to make them last.

In terms of design, it's a big headphone that doesn't really shine in that aspect and it has that super long cable that makes it not usable for outdoor use. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be one. This is best use at home or studio where you can move quite far and pretty freely with its long cable. In the end, this can doesn't need to be a looker to do its purpose well.

Lastly, the left and right markings are easy to locate too.

Comfort / Isolation

The soft pads
The soft pads

It's rare to see a sub-5k headphone with this type of soft velvet like pads. That's why I was very pleased on how comfortable this headphone was. On a cool dry place or air-conditioned locations, it feels non-existent to your head as it doesn't clamp hard at all. The result is I could wear this for long number of hours on those type of scenarios.

Just don't use it on humid or hot places or else your ears will sweat easily making it uncomfortable to use with itchy feel.

For an "Open Back" type of headphone that's supposed to hear your surroundings easily, I find it surprising that this set isolates noise pretty well. Yes you can still hear, if a person talks loudly or shout beside you, but its just fine.

Sound Quality

Even if I'm mostly an IEM guy, there are times that I love listening to full sized headphones due to their realism and much wider soundstage. The Beyerdyamic DTX 710, even with a labet of an "entry level HiFi can" is one of them as it sounds fairly good given that low SRP.

From what I heard initially, this set is mostly better than most of its portable / DJ type of headphones in its price range with full sound across the spectrum. This headphone being more on the reference type of usage doesn't need to be a bassy.

While the audio purist will still find this one a little bit more on the bassy and warm type with slight emphasis on highs, which is the type that's good enough for my liking. Yes it won't be as clean and tight as the higher end ones, but its respectable in its own right. You'll be able to hear most of the things needed in the bass region from deep bass, mid bass and sub-bass. There's just some times that you'll feel that it isn't as refined and controlled as headphones with 10x its price, but hey remember that this is a very affordable one. Again, it's respectable for its price.

The mids region tells the similar good story most of the time. Mids shines well and sounds crystal clear in acoustic tracks and vocal centric songs, but in some tracks you'll feel the other frequencies like the instruments and bass part overpowering it. Fortunately, its mids doesn't sound grainy most of the time.

Highs is there, it can extend well, but don't expect getting the high end type here. It isn't just as dynamic and extended. Plus there are minor traces of hiss in some tracks.

The best part here is its soundstage, it's HUGE and really feels wide. It's almost concert like in live tracks and has so much energy to keep to keep you thrilled. This touts 3D like presentation too that makes it not only a good headphone for music, but also for movies and games too. Separation of details is fairly analytical enough too to leave you satisfied.

Overall, in its class, this surely can keep up and be even on par with other bang per buck Chinese audiophile cans I tried from Brainwavz, Superlux and etc. Compared with the popular brands, it's mostly on the higher scale in terms of quality.

Note 1: This set at 32 Ohms is easy to drive, little to no amping is required
Note 2: It also responds well to eq-ing and benefits from the use of high-end DACs and DAPs such as the FiiO X5 II and the OPUS #1
Note 3: This set is generally suitable for most tracks

Pros - Wide spacious sound, good overall sound, highly comfortable for indoor use, thick cables, extra affordable price for its class
Cons - Doesn't have much confidence with its expandable headband part, there are tracks with noticeable grains


The Beyerdyanmic DTX 710 is a HUGE testament that you don't need to throw in a lot of cash in order to achieve that good entry-level studio grade type of audio quality. It was able to give us that nice experience that's easy to fall in love with. Remember, this is just a sub-3K headphone that sounds like an over 5K one. Even with some flaws, I can't help but recommend it to those in need of a nice can with limited budget.

GIZ Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
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