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Why It Takes 8 Months For One Cell Site To Be Constructed In The Philippines?

Often, we as Filipinos rant so much about the slow and mostly unstable internet connection in our country, the Philippines. Why? As technology evolved, the internet became our main tool of communication and source information that's used for school, work, games and etc.
8 months for one cell site to be constructed
8 months for one cell site to be constructed

We always use it on our PCs, smartphones, TV sets and etc. That's why unstable and slow internet is definitely a "no no no" in our world today. However, most of the time, good stability of the connection isn't achieved. As a result, we often blame telecommunication companies for that. Partly, they are to blame, but there are also "major factors" that greatly affect internet stability.

Let's look at the other side of the story

Recently, Globe Telecoms sent us their infographics discussing the major reasons why it's taking them at least 8 months to construct just a single cell site.

Steps in creating a single cell site in the Philippines:

1. Right of way - Negotiations and documentation of prospective cell site location. That needs 8 permits with 1 - 2 months' time duration.
2. Social Acceptability - Barangay resolution, Home Owners' Association consent, and residents' conformity. That'll need 5 permits with 1-2 months completion time again.
3. Various LGU permits - Zoning, clearance from HLURB, city or municipal resolution, occupancy permit, mayor's permit
4. National Permits - DENR, LLDA, CAB, DOH, PCSD, BFAR, NCIP - combined with a number (3), it'll need them 5 permits again with another 2 months completion time.
5. Structural Permits - Zoning permits, locational clearance, building permit, sanitation permit, mechanical permit, and occupancy permit. That's a total of 8 permits that'll need at least 2 months again to be completed.
6. Construction starts - 3 permits - 3 to 5 months time frame.

It's crazy, but a total of 25 permits just to create 1 cell site and I'm sure that there's a lot of cash involved thereI believe that the same applies to other telecommunication companies based on our recent talks with them.

This doesn't include other factors yet such as the money asked by greedy individuals like as politicians and etc. to make the project possible.

To conclude, a lot of cell sites are needed in order to achieve good internet stability. However, if it'll always need that much time and money just to create one, it'll definitely take a long time before we achieve the "First World" type of internet we always wanted.

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Now let's hope that that the incoming Duterte administration will do a dramatic change in this type of crazy slow system to fully fulfill his promise of delivering the fastest internet possible for us.

It's time to shape-up, collaborate, and just do what's needed.
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