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Globe And PLDT Buys San Miguel Telecom Group - Faster Internet Is Coming Soon

It's a brand new day for the Philippine internet today. Earlier, two of our telecom giants just announced that San Miguel Corporation sold its telecommunication assets to both Globe Telecoms and PLDT.
Globe And PLDT Buys San Miguel Telecom Group
The graphics from Globe explaining the importance of 700 MHz spectrum

In a deal that's said to be more than USD 1 Billion (52.85 Billion Pesos), the participating parties have agreed to buy the the telecoms group of San Miguel that includes the highly disputed 700 MHz frequency.
The graphics from Smart explaining the 700 MHz
The graphics from Smart explaining the 700 MHz

What does this mean for us?

When the 700 MHz is utilized properly, deployment of LTE based wireless broadband networks will deliver higher data rates that would result to better broadband services. We can expect better indoor signals, faster mobile browsing, increase of user capacity in cell sites and affordability of service.

Aside from that MVP of Smart also stated earlier in a Tweet that

We are returning certain frequencies to gov't to ensure possible entry of a 3rd telco player. Competition good for our industry. No problem.
Now all we need to do is wait for the proper implementation of this and for a 3rd major player in the internet to come. In the end, I'm sure that it will benefit all the subscribers of those networks for a much better #InternetForAll as #WeWant1stWorldInternetPH.

What do you think guys?

Source: Smart, MVP, Globe PR team
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