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Moto Razr Is Coming Back Too, Will Be Android Powered Clam-shell Phones?

Nokia isn't the only "throwback" band who's attempting a major comeback. Recently, the Lenovo owned Motorola Mobility just posted a highly nostalgic video with an early 2000 theme where nearly everyone is crazy and envious to anyone who has the iconic "Razr" phone.
Motorola Razr is coming back!
Motorola Razr is coming back!

If you can remember correctly, the Moto Razr is the legendary metallic clam-shell like handset that's extremely cool and sells like hotcakes during its time.

With a note below that states "Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future" and a 06/09/16 date on the video. It only suggest one thing, the Motorola Razr is coming back! They even put up a sign up page website where you'll get notified for the latest updates.

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When it comes to our wishlist, we would want to see a premium clam-shell Android phone with the same Nexus like cleanliness of UI and modern functionalities. That includes fingerprint scanners, LTE, NFC, powerful cameras, HiFi audio and etc.

Now I hope that this time Motorola can pull off the right comeback, I'm excited and will cheer for you guys.

Source: Motorola
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