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Royqueen Selca Announced, A Selfie Speaker For 699 Pesos!

A Bluetooth "selfie remote" and speaker in one? Sounds crazy, but recently, Royqueen just announced the "Selca", one of the weird yet cool gadgets that could be useful to anyone who loves taking photos from afar without the help from anyone.
Royqueen Selca selfie speaker
Royqueen Selca selfie speaker

Apart from that, Royqueen also boast the said device also have its own speakers which won't disappoint you in sound and performance. All you need to do is connect it with your favorite smartphone or tablet and use it instantly.
Could be great for your #OOTD's, taking family pictures and more without the need of a photographer.
The rest of the missing details like its exact technical specifications isn't mentioned, but like what we said earlier, this could be useful to anyone.

The Royqueen Selca is priced now available to all Royqueen branches nationwide with an affordable price tag of just 699 Pesos.

What do you think guys?
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