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The 2016 Line-up Of LG Gives You The Best Home Entertainment Experience

LG is well known as a master in home entertainment especially in the TV department. Just recently, the Korean giant highlights once more their imaging prowess with their latest 2016 line of OLED TV, Super UHD TV, Smart TV Platform and Basic and Gaming LED TVs that all touts major upgrades in colors thru Dolby Vision HDR and unmatched aesthetic concept with its Picture-on-Glass Design.
“Great content needs great entertainment technology to deliver maximum enjoyment,” said LG Philippines Home Entertainment VP Tony An. “With LG’s latest TV innovations rolling out to the local market earlier than expected, Filipino consumers can immediately enjoy unparalleled viewing experiences with superior picture quality and smart features.”

The Future of TV: OLED technology

OLED is the present and will continue to be the trend of TVs in the future. It's powered by LG's unmatched advancement and innovation in display technology that boast self-lighting pixels for perfect colors, blacks and infinite contrast in razor-sharp details.

This 2016, LG boosted the OLED series by delivering dazzling images every frame. They tout the new Dolby Vision HDR tech that allows more dramatic visual experience, produces more nuanced, more detailed darks and a fuller palette of rich new colors never before seen on a TV screen as it can now reproduce up to 99% of DC - P3 Color Space. It's the latest color standard created by Digital Cinema Initiative.

Aside from imaging, LG didn't forget to boost the audio quality of their latest flagship model. They partnered with Harman Kardon to give the 2016 LG OLED TV with a fron-facing sound bar that delivers clean tunes with wide soundstage to complete that immersive experience.

LG also highlights the Picture-on-Glass Design, which brings consumers an that super slim 2.57 mm OLED panel with a translucent glass back to complement any decor scheme.

Superb Picture Quality

Apart from the OLED TVs, LG also highlights their 2016 Super UHD TVs that's meant to redefine the ultra high definition TV category. It now boast an all new Super Picture features, IPS 4K Quantum Display and Super HDR. It's also compatible with Super UHD TV is also compatible with Dolby Vision HDR.

With the use of those new technologies, the Super UHD series of LG promises to deliver higher color reproduction rates, more consistency and distortion free images. It makes you enjoy great picture quality from any viewing angle and real high dynamic range.

Smarter TV

LG also updated and made their Smart TVs even smarter. Now using the new LG webOS 3.0, it now makes navigation easier, has unique features like Magic Zoom, Magic Remote and Magic Mobile connection that lets you stream apps and other smartphone contents in your bigger TV screen.
LG Smart TV
LG Smart TV

LG also highlights Netflix, the largest video-on-demand company in the world as they're set ot launch new original content in 4K and HDR this year. Filipino subscribers can be prepared for it with their LG TVs. Filipinos can expect over 300 hours of action, drama, romance and comedy that they can enjoy with LG's 2016 OLED and Super UHD TVs.

Lastly, LG Philippines will also be launching updates to their basic and gaming LED TV models that gives high picture quality with great affordability.

The entire LG 2016 line-up will be available starting this month of May on LG stores and partner dealers nationwide.

For more info visit the website of LG Philippines now.
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