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Asus ZenPouch Announced, A Useful Waterproof Pouch With Strap

Apart from the ZenFone line and other great Asus devices, the Taiwanese electronics giant also cares about the safety of your gadgets.  Against water (salt water) in particular, Asus just created the ZenPouch a see-through pouch that protects any smartphone against harmful elements without getting in your way.
Asus ZenPouch announced
Asus ZenPouch announced

The Asus ZenPouch features a durable 600-denier and nylon crystal-clear TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material with IPX8 waterproofing and good visibility. It's 100% sure waterproof pouch that can fit phones with up to 5.5 inch screen.
ZenPouch colors
ZenPouch colors

Asus claims that it will give your favorite phone complete protection against rain, sleet or snow. Due to its waterproofing and "crystal clear" TPU material, we also think that this would work well to protect your handset against saltwater in case you intended to use them on the beach.

As we all know, saltwater can be very harmful to devices with no waterproofing. As a matter of fact, last summer, I dropped two smartphones with no waterproofing on saltwater. As a result, they're not working anymore. So a protection like this is something that would have prevented that type of accidents.

Aside from that we also think that would be great for travelers as it has a clever multipurpose strap with an integrated slot for other things such as credit card, cash and metro pass.

Asus just placed a disclaimer stating that they won't be liable for any damages, injury, loss or inconvenience  sustained by anyone from incorrect use of the ZenPouch. You you make sure that there's proper seal before submerging into water, there should be no sharp edges inside the pouch and it's only waterproof up to 1 meter.

It'll available in lightning yellow and storm black colors. However, there's no word about its official price and international availability.

Source: Asus
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