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Globe Participates In Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016, Highlights Cell Site On Wheels For Emergencies

Everyone should be prepared for the "Big One", gladly Globe having one of the biggest structure in the metro is one of them. Gladly, Globe Telecom partnered with MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) to seriously participate in the Metro Manila Shake Drill 2016.
Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016 with Globe
Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016 with Globe

It has a goal of making everyone in the metro prepared by conducting a series of drills and role playing of what could happen in an actual strong 7.2 magnitude earthquake in particular. Organized by the Metro Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MMDRRMC), the Metro Manila Shakedrill started 9 am in Metro Manila that simulated the movement of the West Valley Fault.
Globe has over 6,000 employees in the Globe tower
So proper evacuation is a must
So proper evacuation is a must
Firefighting drill during the Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016
Firefighting drill during the Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016

In line with the partnership, Globe will also provide various connectivity tools that would be effective in assisting MMDA to implement the drills properly. 
“We, at Globe Telecom, are deeply committed in providing support for activities as the Metro Manila Shakedrill, knowing that our ability as a nation, community or even as a company to cope with natural disasters such as an earthquake depends heavily on our emergency response mechanisms that our communities and organizations have put in place. We are glad to have been given the opportunity to extend our support to MMDA’s efforts in building a resilient metropolis in line with our sustainability efforts,” Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto said.
As per Globe, they are the first telco in PH to secure an enterprise-wide business continuity ISO certification. it mean that the telecommunications provider was able to make itself respond and address to disruptive incidents such as natural calamities quickly for business continuity. Even in times of disasters, Globe assures its readiness in ensuring delivery of critical telecommunications services to its customers.

As the only connectivity provider of Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016, Globe is providing a website (www.mmshakedrill.ph) that has all the details and advisories June 22 metro wide earthquake drill. Globe powered MMDA Theater with 100 Mbps speed that has reliable connection and great speed perfect for the demonstration of the website.

Aside fro that Globe also provides better connectivity tools for Disaster Risk Reduction Management of the MMDA like dedicated internet access for MMDA’s Flood Control Information Center and MMDA’s Metro Base Center.

There are also trainings for MMDA on ow to Effectively Utilize the Weather Philippines Website and Basic Weather 101. After learning there, MMDA themselves will conduct  up to 15 sessions of Emergency Response Trainings for the benefit of the company’s partner communities and LGUs. As a result, it'll enhance disaster management capacities of communities and LGUs involved as per Crisanto.
The cell site on wheels
The cell site on wheels

One of the highlights of the Shakedrill where Globe will participate is the showcase of their COW (cell site on wheels) that gives critical signals anywhere its located in terms of emergencies. There's also a Libreng Tawag stations in Intramuros where MMDA activated the Shake Drill Command Center.

Overall, we hope that preparedness activities like this will continue as the Philippines is a disaster prone country, not only earthquake, but also Typhoons and etc. That's why it's very important to be prepared and have communication during those unwanted times.
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