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Current Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones At Lazada Philippines, Flash Plus 2 At Number 1!

Lazada is currently the undisputed top online shopping mall in the Philippines. The company sell anything from consumer electronics, clothes, accessories, and etc.
Current Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones At Lazada Philippines
Top 10 smartphones at Lazada Philippines today

Lazada usually sells them exclusively and if not, they're cheaper online compared to physical retails stores. That's probably one of the main reasons why more and more people are starting to get items from them.

Anyway, one of the best selling group of items there are the affordable smartphone line, one of the main recipes to success.

Now, what got us curious is to know what are the best selling handsets at Lazada. So we contacted them and luckily got the data we needed for this list. Check them out.

Note: Lazada just gave us the list of their top 10 best selling smartphones without the exact number or estimate number of sales.

Lazada's current top 10 smartphones

1. Flash Plus 2 - 6,990 Pesos
2. Alcatel Flash 2 - 4,990 Pesos 
3. Cherry Mobile Flare J1 - 2,299 Pesos
4. Firefly Mobile S10 Lite - 899 Pesos
5. Cherry Mobile Cubix 3 - 4,299 Pesos
6. Alcatel Flash Plus - 5,990 Pesos
7. Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Lite - 2,999 Pesos
8. ZenFone Go 4.5 - 3,995 Pesos
9. SKK Chronos Ace - 2,299 Pesos
10. CloudFone Spotify Lite - 1,999 Pesos

Unsurprisingly, the list was dominated by the budget bang per buck smartphones with an under 5K price tag. However, the Flash group of TCL was able to came up on top with the Flash Plus 2 and even the old Flash Plus is still at the number 6 spot with over 5K SRP.

That only means that Flash is doing something right and budget consumers are willing to spend more as long as long as the item packs a lot of value for money.

To take a look at those handsets and if you're interested to get them, just visit Lazada's website now to enjoy hassle free transaction.
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