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MyPhone To Launch Series Of 700 MHz Devices, To Include A Phone With Fingerprint Scanner And Pocket WiFi Dongles

The 700 MHz frequency is the hottest issue in the worlds of local internet today. It was the recently purchased frequency by our local telecom giants to make the internet more stable, faster, reach more places and be cheaper soon.
MyPhone 700 MHz devices
MyPhone 700 MHz devices

However, not all smartphones and devices are compatible with that frequency range. Fortunately, MyPhone, one of the biggest makers of quality and affordable mobile devices is up to that challenged.

They just tagged us on Instagram with an image showing several devices that's said to be ready for that 700 MHz frequency. It includes 5 unknown smartphones and 2 MyPhone branded pocket WiFi dongle.

What's interesting in that image is one of those phones appears to be a flagship LTE phone by Solid group as it looks premium and even has a fingerprint scanner at the back.

However, details are still very limited as of this moment. We are still trying to get more info from MyPhone.

We are speculating that they'll launched those phones soon.

This story is still developing, so stay tuned.

We'll keep you guys posted.
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