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Huawei Ships 28.3 Million Units Of Huawei Globally, 64% Increase From Last Year!

In Shenzhen, China, Huawei Consumer Business Group just announced that both their P9 and P9 Plus achieved an unprecedented global sales since its London launch last April 6. Combined with other Huawei phones, shipments exceeded 2.6 million within six weeks of their release, with tremendous sales occurring in China, France, Finland, and Great Britain.
Huawei P9 and P9 Plus sales globally
Huawei P9 and P9 Plus sales globally

That's 130% higher than the combined P8 sales in global markets and increased Huawei's global market share to 8.5% globally. It strengthen their top 3 position in the global smartphone scene and continued its upward rise.

In Q1 of 2016, the Chinese giant shipped more than 28.3 million units combined which is already 64% higher than last year even if we're just halfway this year. Notable achievement in the regional markets are recorded in that time-frame as well.

Here's some of the other facts stated in Huawei's press release

  • Strong P9 sales: The Huawei P9 has huge popularity globally, achieving significant numbers of pre-orders and sales. In China, over 5 million online pre-orders were made within a week since its global release in London.
  • P9 vs. P8 sales: Sales of the P9 are 130 percent higher than P8 sales in global markets outside of China. In France, P9 sales are up more than 1,000 percent higher than P8 sales. P9 sales are also up more than 400 percent in Poland and Finland, and more than 300 percent in Britain, over those of the P8. 
  • Growing popularity in global markets: After the P9’s global launch in London, its popularity in various regions has continuously increased with wide-ranging promotion activities. In Egypt, as the major sponsor of the Fashion Festival in Cairo, branded elements of Huawei and the P9 were seen throughout the event while P9 smartphones were also used to take selfie by celebrities and models on-stage, resulting in massive media attention.
  • In Hong Kong, Huawei collaborated with renowned photographer Water Poon and celebrity Simon Yam on the P9’s photo gallery at an outdoor bus shelter located at a prominent location, maximizing its reach to diverse audience.  In Germany, the P9 has also received significant accolades, including: “Technology Award” from Hardware Luxx; “Recommendation Award” from Allround-PC. 
“Huawei is focused on creating premium devices that exhibit our dedication to flawless design and technological innovation,” said Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group. “These high end devices are attracting more fans than ever before, who want to use the latest and most innovative smartphone technology. When consumers around the world are lining up to be the first to buy Huawei’s flagship smartphones, as they have for the P9 and P9 Plus, it's clear the appeal of our devices is universal.” 
Based on that report, Huawei's collaboration with Leica in its highly capable dual 13 MP lenses, great aesthetics, good specs, and proper overall R&D propelled this success.

Given that success, let's hope that they'll continue that momentum and further excite us with innovative and affordable products.
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