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The Rise Of Paymaya #NowNation Has Come!

At today's Paymaya event we were told one thing, Cash was King. Now E-Cash can also be King because of Paymaya's Quarter on Quarter growth! With these results, only one conclusion came and that is now not just an individual but as one nation, we can all do more with Paymaya!
PayMaya #NowNation
PayMaya #NowNation

At the event we were lead to three different booths that showcased how we could use PayMaya for gaming, shopping and travelling! It was fun and convenient! An increase in use for shopping, travelling and for lifestyle has been seen. We personally use our PayMaya visa credit card for Uber and for buying video games on Steam and it is a great thing to know that more and more people are finding this out!
The new ambassadors of #NowNation
The new ambassadors of #NowNation

At the later half of the event, PayMaya unveiled their new ambassadors from all walks of life! Camille Co, a Fashion Icon, DJ Carlo Atendido, First Filipino World DJ champion, Chi Chi Tullao, Food Stylist and Icon, Jonas Roque a Popular travel hugot blogger, Seph Cham Mens Fashion and Lifestyle Icon and Team Mineski, the Philippine National DOTA team!
One half of today's host is Ms. Saab Magalona as she introduces the new Ambassadors!
One half of today's host is Ms. Saab Magalona as she introduces the new ambassadors!

Each ambassador has been successful at what they do and have in turn influenced and changed the peoples perception of each of their fields and have come together to share how Paymaya has helped them achieve more of what they love and what they do best! So, are you ready to be part of #NowNation?

For more info visit PayMaya's website now.
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