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PLDT Enterprise Host Digital Now, The 2016 PH ICT Leadership Convention

Earlier, PLDT's Enterprise group opened "Digital Now", the 2016 Philippine ICT Convention at Marriott Hotel's Grand Ballroom. It is the way for Philippine based companies to get a chance this week to have a closer look on how digital technologies are changing the rules of the game in the world of business.
PLDT Digital Now, Philippine ICT Leadership Convention 2016
PLDT Digital Now, Philippine ICT Leadership Convention 2016

This June 20 to 21, the event hosted by PLDT Enterprise, will focus on how disruptive technologies collectively called as SMACS (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, and Security) - are reshaping the strategies of enterprises and organizations.
The panelist (executives) earlier
The panelist (executives) earlier

The group invited top level executives, business leaders, and decision makers from the country's top enterprises on different fields to the convention. Also present in the event is IDC, the premier global market intelligence provider. They'll provide business leaders with in-depth information or data on the future of digital enterprise and how their business can capitalize on adapting in it as a part of their roadmap.
Voyager's booth
Voyager's booth
"Today, going to digital is no longer just an option for enterprises and organizations. The Philippine ICT Convention will highlight the strategic challenges and opportunities that digital technologies present to Philippine companies," said PLDT Charman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan.
"As consumers become digitally-connected regardless of demographic, enterprises must also transform themselves by leveraging on new technologies to change the way they operate, and more importantly, to transform the way they engage with their customers and employees. The convention will help enterprises make this shift and usher in a more digitally-empowered Philippines," he added
Apart from the important talks and presentations by different industry leaders and technology experts, the 2-day convention will also allow guest to experience the latest various digital technologies within the enterprise environment through workshops, exhibits, and plenary discussions. Among the things that's a must visit there is the digital tour thru VR of PLDT's Data Centers in 3D.
"The advent of new digital platforms has introduced disruptive technologies that are changing the way enterprises are interacting with consumers and the digital world. Through the convention, PLDT, along with industry leaders, will provide insights to serve as knowledge base for enterprises, enable them to take advantage of these disruptive technologies, and promote growth in their businesses," said PLDT Executive Vibe President and ePLDT CEO Eric R. Alberto.
Event attendees may also participate in several breakout workshops that's focused on how technology works today for businesses. That includes, Data Center and Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, M2M and Internet of Things, Digital Engagement, Cyber Security, and Unified Communications and Collaboration. Those topics are curated to give a more understandable approach to the benefit of technology to help you grow your businesses and eventually make it more successful.

For more info message PLDT Alpha now.
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