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Flash Plus 2 Gets A Major Software Update To Improve Overall Performance!

Great news! Flash Philippines just announced that they just seeded their first major update of the popular Flash Plus 2.
Flash Plus 2 Gets A Major Software Update To Improve Overall Performance!
Flash Plus 2 software update

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It's an update that aims to improve the overall stability of the phone, fix various bugs / issues, and improve camera quality. In the camera department, the OTA (over the air) update will improve the exposure of the main camera and lowlight performance of the selfie cam.

Here's the list of changes of version 01003 from 01001

1. Integrated Google R6 CTS upgrade package.
2. Incorporated the latest Google security patch.
3. Fixed the Rear camera aperture parameter issue.
4. Integrated the latest MTK platform critical patch.
5. Fixed the music issue that wouldn’t allow sound through the headset after plugging it in.
6. Fixed the issue when incoming calls wouldn’t show up for 20 seconds when using Facebook.
7. Improved the Front Camera's Lowlight performance, and improved the previous issue with color cast.

8. Increased the Rear Camera's brightness of the Flash LED, and improved PDAF performance.

Aside from that, we also noticed that the update now includes Snapseed and Fotor for photo editing purposes.

To update, all you need to do is go to settings, about phone, and system update. Also make sure to have more than 50% of battery life and stable internet connection while upgrading your software.
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