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Ramco Systems Is Now In The Philippines, Aims To Provide Intelligent Cloud HR, Global Payroll, And Logistics Softwares

Ramco Systems is an award winning, and highly innovative enterprise software provide for Cloud, Mobile, and Tablets in India. Recently, the company announced that they already entered the Philippine market due to the great amount of opportunity and as a way to help business grow for the better.
Ramco Systems Inc. is now in the Philippines
Ramco Systems Inc. is now in the Philippines

Named under Ramco Systems Inc., the company will focus on providing excellent Cloud HR & Global Payroll, and Logistic software for enterprises. As a matter of fact, due to their out of the box and efficient approach in designing softwares, Ramco was already able to win 5 major clients in the Philippines.
Ramco's PH media presentation
Ramco's PH media presentation

Viewed as the second largest population in the ASEAN region, our country has been witnessing the fastest economic growth in the region. That triggered Ramco Systems to set up an office here to help our growing IT sector by implementing reliable and future proof clod-based technologies. It also has a goal of transforming local enterprises in the area of ERP, HR, Payroll, Aviation, and Logistics for the better.
Commenting on the expansion, P R Venketrama Raja, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Ramco Systems, said, “A buoyant economy and drive to embrace disruptive technologies is driving enterprises in Philippines to invest in latest technologies. We are opening an office in Manila to enable local enterprises to leapfrog to cloud technology and derive significant business benefits. Given the excellent technical manpower in Philippines - it will also serve as a base for addressing our clients in the ASEAN region. With focus on innovation and cloud, we look forward to becoming the region’s most favored cloud enterprise software provider.”
Based on their brief media presentation last time, we believe that they could be one of the must considered company for the above mentioned IT solutions. So if you want to know more about Ramco, you may visit their website or blog now.
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