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Digital Walker Cuts The Price Of Audiofly In Ear Monitors By 15%!

This month of August, Audiofly is the "Gear of the Month" by Digital Walker. Having said that, the company drops the price of 4 Audiofly gears by 15% for the whole month of August this 2016.
Digital Walker Cuts The Price Of Audiofly In Ear Monitors By 15%!
Audiofly sale at Digital Walker

In case you missed it, Audiofly is a well loved brand by musicians and music fans as they deliver good tunes with decent details all over the sound spectrum. Apart from that, they're also stylish and designed to last.

The IEMs on sale

Audiofly AF33

Audiofly AF33 - This entry-level in-ear monitor features a bullet like style metal housing with durable cables. It also features  Inside it, there's an 8 mm dynamic driver that's designed to deliver a balanced sound signature with enough bass range, smooth mids, and non-piercing highs. Rated at just 25 ohms and 105 dB sensitivity, this set would be easy to drive even with the use of just your phone. The Audiofly AF33 retails at 1,450 Pesos only.
Audiofly AF45

Audiofly AF45 - This IEM features an attractive design with metal anodized body and durable braided fabric cables. It goes with a custom 11 mm dynamic driver that aims to produce a well balanced bass response, rounded bass, and crispy highs. It can also produce awesome instrumental separation and clear open sound. The Audiofly AF45 is priced at just 2,450 Pesos only.
Audiofly AF56
Audiofly AF56

Audiofly AF56 - The AF56 is equipped with a large body with the durable duraflex braided cables. It also has a 13 mm driver w/ 16 Ohms impedance that's the largest found on any Audiofly IEM today. It's designed to deliver big and full sound without compromising on the rest of the spectrum. It's lows are rich and well extended as well. The Audiofly AF56 retails at 4,850 Pesos only.
Audiofly AF78
Audiofly AF78

Audiofly AF78 - The AF78 is the flagship model of Audiofly. It features a metal anodized body with tough audioflex cables and high quality noise isolating tips and foamies. Under the hood, this set uses a special type of hybrid technology that consist of a 9 mm dynamic driver and a specialized balanced armature driver. It has an impedance of just 16 Ohms and sensitivity of 108 dB that makes it easy to drive.

Its designed to deliver an articulate sound with proper emphasis to the lows and highs without forgetting the midrange. It also has an analytical sound approach that delivers incredible separation across the voices to instruments to make the audiophiles smile. The Audiofly AF78 is priced at 9,750 Pesos.

Note: The AF78 is not included in the promo.

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