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Musicanywhere AD503 Review - Affordable Bluetooth Earphones Never Sounded This Good!

Just like what we always mention, finding a Bluetooth powered headphone or earphone is HARD. Often it'll lead you in getting a wireless set that's either crappy in sound or decent but expensive. Worse, it is expensive and bad sounding at the same time.
Musicanywhere AD503 Review - Affordable Bluetooth Earphones Never Sounded This Good!
Musicanywhere AD503 review

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As a testament to that, there are very few out there who we trust in the sub-5K Pesos segment. However and fortunately, technology keeps on evolving and getting better. Plus, there are now several brands who care quality of their products first more than anything else.

Enter Musicanywhere, a new player in the international Bluetooth headphone scene that aims to give the best possible experience on your wireless for the price. 

Recently, they just introduced their first product called the AD503 which took two years to develop. It's a sports centric in ear monitor (IEM) with mic sweat resistance that's powered with modern Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It also has the aptX technology promises to bring near CD like quality on the 6 mm microdynamic drivers of its earpieces.

What's even more surprising there is the price as it only retails for just 2,495 Pesos. Having said all of those things, it appears that this set appears to be a winner. Let's find out if that's correct and start with this review.

Musicanywhere AD0503 Specs

Driver Unit: 6 mm micro dynamic
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Rated Power: 10 mW
Maximum Input Power: 30 mW
Cable: Flat cable
Battery: 120 mAh (up to 5 hours)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, aptX, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Microphone: Buttons: Pause, Play, Next, Previous
Others: IPX4 sweat / dust resistance, Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Dimensions: 595 x 12.4 x 34.5 mm
Weight: 15 g
Price: 2,495 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

The box

The AD503 is packaged in a way you'll feel that it is a nice product. It's enclosed in a "premium" like box that features a simple attractive cover in front and most the details you'll need to know first about your Bluetooth IEM at the back.
Inclusions inside
Inclusions inside

Upon opening the package, the Musicanywhere AD503 itself will greet you. Upon digging further you'll find the rest of the generous inclusions not commonly found on affordable sets. It includes 3 sizes of eartips w/ average bore sizes, 3 sizes of secure fit earhooks, pair of cord management clips, a shirt clip, carrying pouch, long USB to micro USB charging cable, and the user manual.

Build Quality / Design

Whole body of the earphones
Whole body of the earphones
 It also has IPX4 sweat / dust resistance perfect for your workouts

The materials used in constructing this set is a combination of plastic and rubber. The housing boast a properly engineered polymer with no sharp edges, the pretty thick flat cable used is tangle and almost memory free, the microphone and its buttons feels just fine, and the eartips / fitting hooks is made out of high quality comfortable silicon.
Metal speaker filters
Metal speaker filters

Durability-wise, it's just fine. It isn't the toughest around, but its construction is good. This should last for years as long as you are taking good care of it.
3 button control microphone
3 button control microphone (volume and multifunction keys)
To open and sync, just hold the play button until it blinks blue and red quickly
Magnets that connect the earphones for easy management

Looking at its design, the shell reminds me of the older premium and minimalist Bluetooth powered earphones in the past.
It isn't fancy looking, but it focused on functions better!
What's special here is it has 2 magnets in each side of the earpiece that can be used for easy and neat earphone management. Plus, the 3 button mic of this one is easy to use and reach, has an adjustable cable length, and great comfort.

Comfort / Isolation

It comes with great fit and doesn't fall off your ears easily
It comes with great fit and doesn't fall off your ears easily

On of the forte of the AD503 is its comfort. This is one of the more refined Bluetooth sets that rivals even the comfort level of its usually more comfortable wired counterparts. The earhooks sleeve and eartips did the trick as it comes with medical grade like comfort that sits perfectly in my ears.
It also doesn't get itchy even if you sweat from your workouts.
The earphones is also lightweight that makes it feel close to not wearing anything at all. Those traits make this the most comfortable Bluetooth earphones around. (Even better than our more expensive Bluebuds X)

Another surprising trait of this set is its isolation. The AD503 isolates better than most of the Bluetooth earphones we tried. It could be a good or bad thing. It is a great thing if you are listening indoors as you won't be disturbed by external noises and provide you that instant immersive atmosphere.
It's high level of isolation could be a good or bad thing.
However, if you are the type of person who commutes or likes to work out in the streets, its high-level of isolation could be dangerous. So I suggest to use this earphone in a safe environment.

Battery Life

The micro USB charging port
The micro USB charging port

The battery life is average. The 120 mAh battery capacity of Musicanywhere's AD503 can last for up to 5 hours of straight usage for music and calls on 60% to 70% of volume. In real life usage, I usually charge the earphones once every 3 days as I only use the earphones in travels. Charging time using 1A charger is a little over an hour and 10 mins.

Sound Quality /  Performance

Sound quality / performance of AD503
Sound quality / performance of AD503

Using this set is easy. The play like multi-function button that lets you turn and off the device and connect to your desired Bluetooth enabled device easily. Once connected there's very rare loss of connection when you are near your player. Even if you are moving fast from your workouts, connection is still pretty nice.
Bluetooth 4.1 provides tight connection between your earphones and player!
Loss of Bluetooth connection will only be experienced when you are more than 10 meters away from your device or you are behind walls or doors.

Going to its quality of sound, Musicanywhere boast a near CD-grade experience with its use of aptX technology, and they are correct! The AD503 Bluetooth IEM ranks among the best sounding wireless earphones I tried!
The Musicanywhere AD503 is a rare budget Bluetooth powered earphones that sings!
It's 6 mm micro dynamic drivers goes with slightly V-shaped sound that reminds me of the audio signature heard from the highly acclaimed yet 3x more expensive Bluebuds X.

It has great emphasis on lows which is surprisingly thick, tight, well extended, and detailed. It's extension is quite deep, but isn't overpowering. Sub-bass and decay is surprisingly there too where you can feel it crawl in your head in some tracks.

Mids are clear too. Not the clearest compared with wired sets, but definitely more detailed and less muddy against BlueAnt Pump Mini. It's also slightly thicker than the Bluebuds X in this department.

Then treble fans will appreciate this. Highs sound great and has close to crystal clear sparkles. However, it doesn't really extend so well and has slight hiss in some tracks which is still a limitation of Bluetooth powered headphones.

Anyway, micro-details are present, comes with well separated instruments, and average soundstage depth.

Then rated at 32 Ohms some, some may think that this is hard to play. However, it is the other way around as the Musicanywhere AD503 sounds even louder than our Jaybird Bluebuds X.

Note: Microphone is also decent for calls. There's still some grains, but it is still very clear for its price.

Pros - Wired like stellar sound quality for the price, microdetails is present, good Bluetooth connectivity, comfortable design, great isolation (perfect for immersive indoor listening) clear microphone
Cons - Might isolate too much (dangerous for street workouts), slight hiss in some tracks, not that quick charging time


For the SRP of just 2,495 Pesos, the level of comfort and sound produced by the AD503 is simply a steal! As a matter of fact, we even prefer this set better than most sub-5K Bluetooth earphones. What's amazing here is it can even compete toe to toe with the Jaybird Bluebuds X (one of the best sounding in the world priced at 7.5K Pesos).

Overall, it is a great start for Musicanywhere. Let's hope that they'll continue to make high-caliber yet affordable things like this soon.

GIZ Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
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