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Globe Replaced 8888 Hotline With 8080!

For the longest time, Globe Telecoms used the 8888 number to service their customers. However, the Government has mandated that the said number now serves as a complain hotline that started last August 1, 2016.
Globe Replaces 8888 Hotline With 8080!
Globe replaced 8888 with 8080

8080 is now the new number!

So, in-line with those changes, Globe Telecoms complied and changed their new service hotline number for their more than 57 million subscribers. If you are a Globe subscriber you'll receive a message 8080 is now the new number to be used when registering for Globe promos. This will also avoid confusion with the current Government hotline.

The company also reminded their customers that promo registrations sent to 8888 from November 30 will no longer be available for Globe transactions and won't be processed anymore.

Other than the 8080 Globe subscribers may still use the usual *143# code to register promos for surfing, SMS (text), or calls.
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