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The iOS 10 Update By Apple Bricked Some iDevices, How To Restore It?

Apple has recently launched the iOS 10 which bring several upgrades in performance, stability, security, and features. However, it bricked (makes your device unusable) some of the iPhones and iPads who downloaded the update.
The iOS 10 Update By Apple Bricked Some iDevices, How To Restore It?
iOS 10 update now available

Fortunately, Apple has already fixed the problem. They told the media that the issue affected a small number of users during the first hour of availability. So in case you are one of those affected users, we found a quick fix that was posted by pocket-lint earlier.

Here are the steps

1. All you need to do is connect your iDevice using either PC or Mac.
2. Then open your iTunes to complete the update, press and hold the device Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously until the recovery mode screen pops out
3. There will be a prompt in iTunes that will ask you either to update or restore. Select Update
4. Wait for the install to finish before your can use your device

Apple also notes that you may repeat the steps if you run into a problem during the setup. They also said that they recommend using AppleCare if you need more assistance or head over to the nearest Apple Store to you in case you don't have an access to a PC or Mac.

Sources: Apple, Pocket-lint
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