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Haier Blast Off Their Space Refrigerator At Shenzhou XI mission

For the 4th time, Haier the global appliance giant, blasted their space refrigerator at Shenzhou XI mission last October of 2016. It is part of their research and development into aeronautic technology for commercial refrigerator applications.
Haier Blast Off Their Space Refrigerator At Shenzhou XI mission
Haier in space

“We are proud to be the only home appliance brand so far to ever reach space,” said Yutaka Itamochi, President and CEO of Haier Philippines. “Our company has gone a long way in terms of quality and innovation, and our technology is now making history thanks to space missions like Shenzhou XI.”
The space refrigerator
The space refrigerator

In a two-manned mission, the Shenzhou XI is scheduled to dock at Tiangong 2 space laboratory where astronauts will spend about a month to test systems and perform experiments as a part of their RND. This initiative is inline with China's efforts to create a permanently manned space station by 2022.''

Like what we stated above, Haier has been involved in the development of spaceflight technologies including refrigeration and remote monitoring and control. As a matter of fact, they started doing this since 2006. Then last November of 2011, it marked the company's first success to join a launch with Shenzhou VIII, followed by another launch in June 2012 with Shenzhou IX where it was used to preserve medical reagents.

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