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Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Vs Asus ZenFone 3 (5.5 Inch) - Main Camera Photography Comparison!

No question, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 and the Asus ZenFone 3 are two highly popular upper-midrange camera phones today. Aside from having premium aesthetics and good specs, both handsets are equipped with good lenses designed to capture every important moment of your lives well.
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Vs Asus ZenFone 3 (5.5 Inch) - Main Camera Photography Comparison!
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 or Asus ZenFone 3 ZE552KL?

So, we're back with another simple photography shootout to help you decide which is the right shooter for you.

Disclaimer: All images are described based on our subjective opinions and experiences.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 Vs Asus ZenFone 3 (5.5 Inch) - Main Camera Photography Comparison!

Specs Galaxy A7 2016 ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL)
Back Camera: 13 MP f/1.9 w/ OIS, AF and LED flash 16 MP f/2.0 w/ Tri-tech AF, 4 Axis OIS, Axis EIS and dual tone LED flash
On paper, it appears that the Asus ZenFone 3 (5.5 Inch) variant has the edge over the Galaxy A7 2016. It has better larger megapixel size at 16 MP, more focusing tech (tri-tech AF), and better dual LED flash. Asus's bet also has more camera modes and feature rich professional camera settings.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 appears to be the better lowlight shooter with its bright f/1.9 sensor against ZenFone 3's should be dimmer f/2.2 lens. Both has OIS for stabilization and less blurry images. Let's get it on!

Scene 1 - Outdoor HDR

Galaxy A7 2016 HDR
ZenFone 3 HDR
In this HDR shot taken somewhere in Batanes, we were caught off guard on how bright and detailed the image taken using the ZenFone 3 was. It even highlighted some parts of the shot that's not that visible with the Samsung's bet. While the Galaxy A7 2016 handled colors better, this round goes to Asus. Zen 3 - 1 point

Scene 2 - Close-up cropped
Galaxy A7 Close-up cropped
ZenFone 3 Close-up cropped

In this round, it's a very close fight. Both handled the situation very well for a phone. The ZenFone 3 produced the softer and darker image while the Galaxy A7 2016 captured the brighter and more vibrant still. Galaxy A7 2016 - 1 point

Scene 3 - Dim light
Galaxy A7 2016 Dim light
ZenFone 3 Dim light

At first we thought that the f/1.9 lens by Samsung will produce the brighter and more detailed image in this scene. However, Asus's ZenFone 3 shot is brighter, has less noise, and better dynamic range. The sky also looked more closer to natural colors in this shot. Zen 3 - 2 points

Scene 4 - Indoor dim light
Galaxy A7 2016 Indoor dim light
ZenFone 3 Indoor dim light

We slightly liked Samsung's output better in this round. It's more vibrant looking and has closer to natural colors. While ZenFone 3 produced the brighter image, its colors looked pale and washed in comparison.

Scene 5 - Super Night
Galaxy A7 2016 Super Night
Asus ZenFone 3 Super Night

Unfortunately, Samsung's pro camera mode isn't complete. While it has ISO adjustment, it doesn't have shutter speed controls for long exposure shots. The result, it can't take the image that ZenFone 3 can shoot in very dark places.


Both phones are great mobile photography buddies in the upper-midrange department. The Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 is capable for point and shoots which can take bright and vibrant images. However, Asus's ZenFone 3 slightly bested Samsung's offering in our mini shootout. That say's a lot about Asus's quality considering that this phone is more affordable.

What do you think guys?
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