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BenQ Unveils The W1090 Home Projector!

It isn’t exactly every day that people choose home projectors over massive HDTVs for the sake of big screen entertainment at your humble abode. But when you do, there’s always one around the corner that may be up your alley. That’s where BenQ’s latest W1090 Home Projector comes in!
BenQ Unveils The W1090 Home Projector!
BenQ W1090

The W1090 comes with several features that let its users watch in crystal clear quality. We’re talking about 1080p high-definition on a 100-inch screen, making it perfect for your movie nights during those film showing with friends. Of course, the audio aspect is also important, and BenQ doesn’t leave it behind all thanks to its Waves audio that makes every detail superb and life-like.

Now if you’re not really fond of doing several tweaks just to get it right, the W1090 comes with a Sport Mode that enhances the video and audio performance. The Sport Picture Mode brings beautiful color reproduction to put you at the center of the entertainment. On the other hand, Sport Sound Mode can be your cup of tea if you like watching concerts on the big screen, but this time you have the VIP access on your couch.

If you hate the hassle of setting devices up, the W1090 brings it to a much easier degree – its throw rate is only at 1.15 if you want to get that 100-inch display on a 2.5-meter distance. No need to put it way way back at the room just to get that size. It also comes with an easy-to-use UI to help you fine-tune your settings even if it’s your first time using the device.

As far as the pricing goes, the BenQ W1090 carries a USD 899 price tag, or around PHP 45,000 before taxes and duties when converted to the national currency. It will arrive in the local market soon, so stay tuned if you have plans on getting a capable home projector!
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