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Smart Is Updating LTE Coverage In Manila, Indoor Signal To Increase By At Least 4 Times!

Smart has recently announced that they're undertaking a major network expansion in Metro Manila. In a span of 3 months, the company will upgrade the both the coverage and quality of its voice, SMS, and LTE connectivity service.
Smart Is Updating LTE Coverage In Manila, Indoor Signal To Increase By At Least 4 Times!
Better and more reliable Internet from Smart soon!

The rollout will boost the reach of Smart 3G and LTE mobile data in all 17 cities and municipalities of Metro Manila. Smart stated that indoor LTE coverage will quadruple while indoor 3G coverage will double in Metro Manila.

“Smart is rolling out the fastest and most powerful mobile data network in the country, and we are focused on improving indoor coverage since we know that people use mobile internet services mostly indoors, particularly in Metro Manila – in their homes, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and the like,” said Joachim Horn, chief technology and information advisor for PLDT and Smart.

According to Horn, Smart is deploying new base station equipment in about 2,500 cell sites across the city that's using low-frequency bands like 700 MHz, 850 MHz, and 900 MHz for its LTE and 3G services. Those frequency bands covers larger area and provides better indoor signals.

Aside from the low frequency bands, the rollout also includes the deployment of high-frequency bands such as 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz. It'll eventually increase the capacity of their cell sites to handle calls, text, and HUGE mobile data traffic better.

All of these upgrades are part of Smart's three-year network improvement plan after they acquired the 700 MHz frequency from San Miguel.

Great news right!
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